How many backlinks do I need?

Posted by justin on  April 18, 2023
By Justin Davis, Chief Link Builder at Link Builders Because I am a backlink expert and I run a link building company, businesses often ask me questions such as: “How much do I really need to invest in my backlink profile?” “How many links do we need?”  How many links are needed depends primarily on two factors: SEO strength of your website, and the SEO strength of your competitors (the sites outranking you in organic
By Justin Davis, Chief Link Builder When backlinks are required, there are many reasons to hire a company that exclusively builds backlinks over a do-all SEO company. 5 Reasons to Hire a Link Building Specialist for Backlinks Efficiency – Get the highest quality backlinks for the lowest possible cost per gained link. Avoiding problems – Experienced link builders know which sites to avoid. Guarantees – The number of links and total price should be guaranteed

14 Proven Tactics to Get More Backlinks

Posted by justin on  March 31, 2022
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By Rachael Kunes Backlink building may be complicated, but it isn’t exactly rocket science. Anyone can learn how to build links, and a good place to start is by using some tried-and-true tactics. For best results, pick one or two of them, learn how they work, and keep going from there. With that introduction, let’s discuss 15 different methods to get more backlinks. Internal backlinks This tactic is often neglected by SEOs, which is a

Link building 101

Posted by justin on  December 22, 2020
Many factors determine which keywords a website ranks for and in what positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). On-page factors such as the actual text, images and other content found on the webpage, and how that information is organized and coded, play a big part in rankings. This is often referred to as ‘on page SEO’. Off-page SEO mainly consists of backlink building and local SEO tactics such as ‘citation building’. Link building refers
A common question asked by prospective SEO clients regarding backlinks is some variation of “how much progress can you make and in how long?” The answer depends on the current authority of their website and the level of competition among other websites they are competing with in organic search. This article was created so that I could steer that particular conversation towards data and away from speculation. What you will learn from this SEO analysis: