Link Building Process

Link Builders’ 15-step link building process is simple and transparent:

Client Consultation

The client tells us what keywords they are trying to improve their ranking for on their website.

Minimum Metrics Requirements

We agree on minimum required metrics such as Domain Rating, and number of organic visitors to the site we are getting backlinks from.

Choose Number of Links

We agree on a certain number of links per month, or pay cycle.

Flat Rate Pricing

We agree on a flat rate per backlink. We don't charge hourly or for anything else other than the price per backlink.

Deposit Collection

We take a deposit of half (50% of total service charges) up front.

Website Research

We go out and find quality, niche-related websites that meet the minimum metrics criteria.

Email Outreach

We conduct email outreach to the sites that we find, and sites agree to work with us.

Client Approval

We send the list of sites that respond positively to the client for approval.

Refund Policy

If the client doesn’t like the sites we show them, we will find replacements or refund them.

Content Creation

Once the client approves the list, we create content that the links will be placed in.

Client Content Review

We send the content over to the client for review and approval.

Content Publication

Once the client approves the content, we submit the content for publication.


Once the final agreed upon link goes live for the pay cycle, the client pays the remaining 50% of service charges.

Rinse & Repeat

Rinse and repeat until the total number of desired links is reached.


We report on your keyword rankings after 30 days. Then it's every other 30 days that you are still a client.

Before the links are built, our clients know:

How many backlinks they will get.

What the total cost will be for those backlinks.

What websites the backlinks will come from.

What content the backlinks will placed in.

What Link Builders (or any other SEO) can not guarantee:

When building backlinks, there are some things that can be guaranteed and some that simply can not. Below are two examples of things that should never be guaranteed by any link builder.

  • Increased rankings.

Link Builders knows that backlink building is always a bit of a gamble. There is no way to ethically guarantee increased rankings. But it is true that backlinks play a major role in SEO rankings. So it isn’t wrong to assume that after building enough links from quality niche-related sites, a website often experiences increased organic search rankings.

  • Increased organic traffic.

The goal of SEO and link building is to optimize towards increasing keyword rankings. These increases in keyword rankings correlate with higher organic search traffic because the higher that target keywords rank, the more likely they are to get a click.

What Link Builders CAN guarantee!

Link Builders guarantees to build you links that meet a certain minimum SEO metrics criteria that is agreed on in the beginning. Beyond that, we guarantee to build you a set number of links, for a set price. All of the sites we build backlinks from will be preapproved by our clients.

Up front you will know how many links you are going to get, and how much they are going to cost. As we get into the process you will even find out what sites we intend on building the links from (and you will have the chance to pre approve) and what the content will look like that will be linking to you (and you have the chance to preapprove). So there are no surprises.

Link building is an ongoing process.

If a business thinks that they only need 5 or 10 links, chances are they are probably wrong. Although it is possible that 5 or 10 links can help improve rankings, these scenarios usually exist when a site is already ranking in position 3, for example, and just want to move up another position or two.

Often it takes dozens or 100+ quality links for a website to make it to page one for their target keywords, especially a new website. Link builders that consistently gain new backlinks for their clients tend to see big improvements in rankings.

Backlinks are an investment in the business.

If a business wants to get traffic from search results but their website doesn’t show up in organic search results, they will have to pay for ads with Google. The alternative for long-term growth without having to pay for each click is to rank on page 1 in Google for your target keyword phrases. This requires SEO, including high quality link building.

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