Backlink Pricing

Link Builders guarantees a flat rate per backlink. This way, our clients know up front how many links they are guaranteed for their investment.

The price starts at $350 per link. At that price point, all backlinks are guaranteed to come from niche-related sites with at least a Domain Rating of 30+ and 1,000+ organic monthly visitors.

If you are looking for higher minimum metrics please use the backlink costs calculator at the bottom of this page.

The conversation may look something like this:

For $3,500 we guarantee to build 10 links that meet the following criteria: DR 30+, estimated monthly search traffic 1,000+ users, and from industry-related sites.

The deliverable when working with us is a number of gained backlinks.

We also offer HIGH AUTHORITY links from well-known American universities for $500 each.

Contact Us for more information or a custom quote.

Backlink Costs Quote Calculator