Reasons for Hiring an Expert Link Builder VS General SEO

By Justin Davis, Chief Link Builder

When backlinks are required, there are many reasons to hire a company that exclusively builds backlinks over a do-all SEO company.

5 Reasons to Hire a Link Building Specialist for Backlinks

  1. Efficiency – Get the highest quality backlinks for the lowest possible cost per gained link.
  2. Avoiding problems – Experienced link builders know which sites to avoid.
  3. Guarantees – The number of links and total price should be guaranteed up front.
  4. Transparency – Allowing the client to review and approve each step along the way will help to ensure a happy client and successful project.
  5. A track record – The backlinks specialist you hire should have years of experience and a ton of reviews confirming they know what they are doing.

Efficiencies in backlink building

When companies spend years exclusively building backlinks, they get efficient and more effective. This happens through improving processes and workflows, building various industry connections, and generally just improving the inputs that generate the outputs desired.

These outputs are high quality backlinks.

In 8 years of SEO, I have yet to find a freelancer who is actually good at both on and off-page SEO. I always recommend prospective clients to split the efforts into at least two hires.

Of course, when it comes to improving overall SEO, you’ll need additional talent also. 

A web page speed optimization expert may be needed.

The web developer will need to be on board with best SEO practices moving forward. They can learn this information from the on-page specialist and utilize it when publishing future articles and posts.

Knowing what backlink opportunities to avoid

A huge differentiator in a good link builder VS a bad link builder is the experience in knowing what sites to avoid.

Prospective clients sometimes ask me why my price is higher than other service providers. One common reason is I don’t build links from link farms.

Besides link farms, you have to watch out for websites that have been penalized by Google. Sometimes this is obvious from the website’s traffic history. Sometimes it’s not that simple.

Building backlinks from the wrong sites will hurt you in the long run (and probably short-term as well). This is an important reason in avoiding inexperienced link builders.

Guarantees of the Deliverable – Number of links and Price

When Link Builders (my company) starts a project, it begins with a guarantee. We guarantee the number of backlinks and the price per link up front.

Clients also get to approve all websites and content before any links are built.

Being able to confidently guarantee these types of results, and then deliver, can only be done from an experienced backlink company.

For transparency, we offer a link building costs calculator so that prospective clients can see how we quote our per link costs.


An awesome link building company will have as many layers of transparency. The deliverable should be clear and a number of links. The price should be clear as well.

Clients should have the ability to review and approve all websites before any links are built. They should also be able to review necessary metrics.

When content is required for backlinks, clients should be able to review and approve all content. This way they know exactly how the link is going to look, and the surrounding content.

Building these layers of transparency into the link building process will allow clients to know exactly what to expect. They will know how many links they are going to get, how much it is going to cost, where the links will come from, and how the links will look.

Checking off all of these boxes will help ensure smooth communication between clients and backlink providers.

Proven Experience – Reviews from Past Backlink Projects

One would think that if hiring a SEO link builder or company that specializes in backlinks, they must have a lot of reviews. Especially if they have been doing it for years.

Don’t ever go with a backlink company or freelancer that doesn’t have a ton of verified 5-star reviews. There is proof in numbers. If there are many high-rated reviews, it’s a good indicator that the company delivers what they say they will.